BT&F LLC was founded in 2004 to launch the revolutionary Grip-Tite line of sockets and wrenches. With a focus on innovation and customer services, the product line, brand, and distribution network expanded to thousands of locations across the United States within a few short years.

In 2017, BT&F partnered with Sainty Sumex Tool Co (Sumex) to become their exclusive American sales arm. Sumex is a premier international trading enterprise with vast distribution networks and relationships in the European market that is interested in expanding its involvement with retailers in the United States.

The partnership between BT&F and Sumex brings together the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit at the core of the BT&F and the manufacturing horsepower and supply chain expertise of Sumex. Together, we’ve re-branded the corporate enterprise as Better Tools Company.

Our primary goal is to disrupt the current hand tool market to capture consumer loyalty and market share by driving sales for our retail partners.